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Appraisal Service

Did you inherit a stamp collection from a family estate?
Are you a stamp collector looking to sell all or parts of your collection?

If you inherited a stamp collection you’re probably excited at the prospect of what it might be worth. You might also feel anxious about selling the collection for too little because you’re not a stamp collector.

If you’re a stamp collector, it might be time to sell your collection as no family member has expressed an interest in inheriting your collection that took a lifetime to build.

I’ve been collecting and selling stamps for 45+ years and achieved a level of expertise in Canadian stamps. My appraisal service will valuate your collection and provide guidelines for the price you can expect to receive in the marketplace.

The initial consultation is free. I will send you a questionnaire and ask you to return it along with a few photos of the collection. I will tell you right away whether it’s in your best interests to proceed with the appraisal.

Sorry, this service is only available for Canadian stamps. Contact me to get started.