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SKU: 12126 Model: CA-AA-0773|1924
Christmas: Various. Catalogue numbers: 773-5, 870-2, 1499-1502, 1533-6, 1585-8, 1669-71, 1815-7, 1873-5, 1922-4..
SKU: 11148 Model: CA-AA-0909-13
Canada 82: Various. Plate Block; First Day Covders,Souvenir Sheet & First Day Cover..
Canada 1594ii|BK241b Birds of Canada Sheets and Booklets Complete MNH
-10 %
SKU: 4885 Model: CA-AA-1594ii|BK241b
Birds of Canada: Various. 7 sheets and 3 booklets. Catalogue numbers: 1594ii, 1594iii, 1634a, 1713a,1773a, 1842a, 1889a, BK218b, BK225b, BK241b...
CA$79.88 CA$88.75
Canada 1618-21 Winnie the Pooh Collection VF MNH
-10 %
SKU: 11143 Model: CA-AA-1618-21
Winnie the Pooh: Various. Plate Blocks, Souvenir Sheet; Booklet; Ghana 1903 Souvenir Sheet in Folder..
CA$18.90 CA$21.00
SKU: 12137 Model: CA-AA-1756|2210i
Universities: Various. Catalogue numbers: 1756, 1941-4, 1973-7, 2033-4, 2089i, 2172i, 2209i-10i..
SKU: 11362 Model: CA-AA-1818-34 (a-d)
Millennium Collection: 1999. These are from The Millennium Collection book, not the souvenir sheets...
SKU: 6211 Model: CA-AA-TC043|TC67
Second World War: Various. Each collection contains block of 4 stamps plus Official First Day Cover. Unitrade TC43, TC48, TC54, TC,58, TC63, TC66, TC67..
Canada TC72 Historic Land Vehicles - Pane of 25
-10 %
SKU: 6230 Model: CA-AA-TC072
Historic Land Vehicles - 5: Collection. New in Original Packaging..
CA$3.15 CA$3.50
SKU: 6195 Model: CA-AA-TC074|TC151
Lunar New Year: Various. Each collection contains joint issue souvenir sheet and/or stamps from Canada and People's Republic of China. Unitrade TC74, TC78, TC85, TC91, TC98, TC108, TC115, TC122, TC136, TC143, TC148, TC151...
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